Graphite drawing of Princess Shar, an anthropomorphic hare samurai. Graphite drawing of Wyit, an anthropomorphic fox-coyote looking character holding a sword. Graphite drawing of Lord Cogsun, an anthropomorphic canine character in a helmet and respirator mask. Graphite drawing of an anthropomorphic hare with a katana sword over his shoulder. Graphite sketch of Sgt. Rek, a large wolf/bear-like soldier in a helmet and goggles. Digital illustration of a fictionalized version of St. Christopher, the cynocephalus (dog-headed man) from Jonathan Pageau's graphic novel 'God's Dog' Digital drawing of an anthropomorphic hare in dieselpunk-samurai armor. Digital drawing of an anthropomorphic canine in dieselpunk military gear, holding a primitive camera at the viewer. Graphite drawing of Wyit, his back turned to the viewer.